These Cats Are All Ready For Their Thanksgiving Party. Is Yours?

These cats are all deep into the holiday spirit and ready to face whatever Thanksgiving challenge is thrown their way. And I am pretty confident that they will do quite all right.

I mean, you can see it in their eyes: these felines just cannot wait for that pumpkin pie. Oh, and did someone say turkey? Because turkeys are friends, but also food.

Now, it is also true that we see a pair of distinctly unexcited felines who are clearly telling their humans that they are not interested in the festivities. However, the gravy is another matter altogether. They will have more of it, thank you!

We also have the odd felines who don’t exactly enjoy being dressed in silly costumes like these. But if that’s the price that has to be paid for getting to that cranberry sauce, well, they’ll take it.

So, yes, these cats are all ready to go…

1. Is that turkey coming already?

2. How about the pie? The pumpkin pie!

3. Well, we are not really into this Thanksgiving stuff, but turkey? Yes, we’ll have some, thank you!

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4. I really hate you for putting this stupid thing on my head. But yes, I’ll have some more gravy.

I need this cat in my life #nationalcatday #ilovecats #crazycatlady #thanksgivingcat #kcco

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5. Can someone finally carve this thing?

6. Did someone say pecan pie?

7. I’ll have more of the same…

Almost thanksgiving! #pumpkinpie #turkey #rolls #sweetpotatoes #gravy #turkeycat

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8. I really didn’t deserve a turkey butt.

I'm grateful for my neighbor's cat, that wears the costumes I put on it all day. #turkeycat #gobblemeow #catsarefunny

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9. I look terrible in these, but I will take cranberry sauce…

#tbt Miss my cat more than anything, even though he hates me for this costume. Happy Thanksgiving! #turkeycat

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10. I really love this turkey.

Happy Turkey Day y'all. Mew! #turkeyday#kitty#thanksgiving#turkeycat#kittyhungry#mew!#cute#kitten#kittenpie

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11. My patience is being severely tested. That said, I’ll take some more gravy.

#franksgiving #turkeycat #meow #gobblegobblemotherfucker

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12. It’s been a long day already.


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