They Do Things Differently In Russia. And Yes, That Includes Rescuing Cats Stranded High Up On A Tree…

I guess this video will prove to viewers that whatever preconceptions they already have about Russia are correct. To some, it will confirm that Russians are ingenious and can find their way out of any situation, however complicated. To others, however, it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russians are just very different from us…

Then I guess there is a third group, too, which includes the Redditor who shared this video with us. He titled his post humbly:

The Russian cat video to end all Russian cat videos!

Yes, it is a bold statement considering the sheer volume of cat videos coming our way from Russia — many of them very entertaining — but this one is truly incredible. I think this commenter put it better than anyone:

I want to watch this guy fix more stuff.

“This guy” is the soldier who came up with the rescue strategy. I mean, just watch, this is indescribable.

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