This Baby Truly IS Unique. She Was Born With Two Front Teeth…

A baby girl born on December 28 in Missouri shocked her mom and the doctors as she arrived with two perfectly-developed lower front teeth in her mouth.

Jaklina Bailey told ABC7 that the doctors and nurses at the hospital in Branson, Missouri were astonished when baby Alyssa showed off her teeth. She said:

Right when she first arrived, everybody was just shocked. Just like, “She has two front teeth? No kidding? Really?” It was just a big talk about it in the delivery room.

News of the rare baby quickly spread through the hospital and soon other doctors and nurses were coming by Jaklina’s room to take a look at Alyssa’s teeth for themselves, she said.

Mrs. Bailey told Fox6 that her own doctor was every bit as stunned by the sight as the others. (Scroll down for the video reports.)

1. Alyssa Bailey was born with two perfectly-formed bottom teeth in December.

This Baby Truly IS Unique. She Was Born With Two Front Teeth...

2. Proud mom Jaklina Bailey, pictured, said that doctors were coming into her room to see her daughter’s teeth.

This Baby Truly IS Unique. She Was Born With Two Front Teeth...

Mrs. Bailey told Fox 6:

They were kind of like “what’s going on? Can I just see? Let me see.”. She [Mrs. Bailey’s doctor] said in her 25-year career this is the second time she’s ever seen it.

According to the National Institutes of Health, only about one in every 2,000 to 3,000 babies are born with teeth. Dr. Laura Corio, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, told ABC that the teeth are often on the bottom but sometimes a baby is born with more than just two. She explained:

Teeth can be present in oral cavities at birth and may be related to certain other health problems but not always.

Dr. Corio added that doctors often file down the teeth so that the baby doesn’t injure itself or the mother as they learn to breastfeed. Such teeth have little root structure, which often makes them wobbly and could possibly choke the baby if they fall out.

Mrs. Bailey said that the doctors would keep an eye on Alyssa’s teeth in case they start getting lose. Once her natal teeth do fall out, Alyssa will grow her teeth normally. Typically, babies start teething at about six months old.

And here are the video reports:

Sources: ABC7, Fox6.

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