This Biker Was Barreling Down A Forest Path When Something Furry And Much Faster Cut Him Off…

This one truly came out of nowhere. And, boy, did it startled the poor bicyclist who was just barreling down this path. It’s almost a miracle that he managed to keep his balance at all. Wow!

So, what you will see in the video below is a someone riding his bike in the woods when, without any warning, a black bear cub darts onto the path, just 15 feet or so in front of the biker. The video’s title puts it succinctly:

That OH S*** moment.

Yes, that was it. Oh, and as always the comments on Reddit, where the video was shared, did not disappoint. People put the cub’s behavior under a serious analysis. Here is a prime example:

I think bicycle in that situation would have been better, because if he go downhill, the bear wouldn’t make it because of their anatomy. Bears are great runners and have good stamina. But when it comes to downhill they suck, if he would continue the track, he would have a good chance of surviving because the mama bear would easily trip. a dirt bike uphill would have been an easy target for the mama bear, but if he had started with a dirt bike, he would probably not have seen any bears because of the noise.

I love this. But here is the video, the action starts at around 0:10 or so.

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