This Bulldog Just Loves Rolling Down The Hill. I Can’t Explain It But It’s Hilarious…

English Bulldogs are well known for doing things their own way — nothing else will ever do. So I guess I should not have been so surprised when I saw one do something I’ve seen no other dog do…

But surprised I was, and then some. I mean, how often do you get to see a dog rolling down the slope of a lawn, any dog?!

I had never seen anything like it and had a blast and so will you, trust me.

But then I decided to run a search and, sure enough, it turned out that this wasn’t the only bulldog rolling down the hill.

In fact, it turned out that there was a fairly famous video of Sophie the English Bulldog puppy doing precisely the same thing and having just as much fun doing it. So I guess this may be some peculiarly bulldog thing..

Here are the two videos, starting with the latest one, enjoy!

And here is Sophie doing the same:

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