This Dog Is As Well Trained As Could Be. Very Impressive…

YouTube user Flawik20 has shared an amazing new video titled Extremely Well Trained Dog. And yes, this time the title is right on — this dog is incredible.

For some reason, many commenters are hung up on the trainer’s accent — why bother with such things when there is something really impressive going on right before your eyes? But here are a couple of comments which capture my impressions just perfectly:

At first I thought the title was sarcastic and the dog wasn’t well trained at all. For a second I thought he was trying to shut him up and leave that passerby alone.

And this one:

What an amazingly well trained dog. There is zero delay between command and action. It also appears that he doesn’t have to say anything twice with the dog hanging on his every word.

And I agree with a third commenter who guesses that the “dog has probably never had to do it in a real scenario, yet you can be sure it will do exactly as well as in training”. Here is the video itself.

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