This Dog Just Can’t Accept That His Dead Brother Has To Be Buried. His Reaction Will Truly Move You…

Reddit user TallDarkAndHarrison has shared an extraordinary video, under the title: Poor dog doesn’t understand why they want to bury his sleepy brother. And I am so glad that he did.

The video shows a dog that keeps barking at the unresponsive face of a dead dog. Evidently, he understands what’s going on, because when the owner tries to pull him away toward the end of the video, he keeps barking and refuses to leave the side of the dead dog. As TallDarkAndHarrison puts it:

This brought a tear to my eye. Who says animals are that unlike humans?

A commenter puts it very well:

Animals, man, a lot smarter than we give them credit. I constantly fear the day that my friend’s pet rats that I’ve grown to love are going to pass and the other one doesn’t usually last long once one of them has gone. I always found that saddest of all; they essentially give up and die of a broken heart.

Now just watch the video — it is sad but also uplifting…

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