This Fascinating Fox Family Will Make You Want One Of The Pups For A Pet!

This lovely fox family was out enjoying the beautiful weather when photographer Peter Pieslor saw them and ended up spending the remainder of the day taking pictures of whatever they got up to.

Amazingly, and much to Pieslor’s delight, the Foxes didn’t mind his presence at all — in fact, they paid no attention to the two-legged intruder and his camera.

Well, we should be thankful for the Foxes’ blissful neglect, for otherwise we would not have been treated to these enchanting images. Enjoy!

1. One of the foxes decides to nip at the tail of one of his siblings as they play around on the grass.

Foxes Often Get A Bad Rap And Not Just In Fairy Tales. But This Charming Family Will Change It All Forever.

Source: The Daily Mail.

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