This Great Dane Is Clearly Annoyed As Another Is Getting All The Attention And Is Not Keeping It Secret…

YouTube user Ron Cameron has shared an awesome video in which his two Great Danes are in diametrically different moods, and understandably so.

As the human is petting one of his dogs, he keeps him all relaxed and happy.

The other Dane, however, is really disgusted with the fact that she’s getting ignored and is letting everyone know how she feels about it.

And everyone is astonished to hear the hissing noise she’s making. Here is one representative comment:

Great danes are the single greatest dog you could ever have. The sheer amount of guttural noise they can make is astounding. I had a deaf great dane and he would rarely bark. When he did it was something that would surprise you. He would do this kind of stuff all the time.

An awesome video, enjoy!

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