This Guy Hoped To Catch Some Catfish But Caught A Monster Instead.

Dave Harrell went down to Eufaula Lake in hopes of catching some catfish, but what he caught instead was much rarer and infinitely scarier — a 100 lb alligator snapping turtle.

Here is Mr. Harrell explaining what took place on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Facebook page:

While catfishing we caught and released this yesterday in Mill Creek at Eufala lake. Dave Harrell of Edmond caught it on a rod and reel and Audey Clark of Norman secured it and hauled it into the boat for pictures. It is the biggest one we had ever seen.

1. Dave Harrell with his 100 lb catch.

This Guy Was Hoping To Catch Some Catfish... But What He Caught Instead Was A Monster.

Source: Facebook.

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