This Is How You Catch A Cat With A Laser Pointer. Speechless…

I guess that by now we’ve all had a lot of fun with cats chasing the elusive point created by a laser attached to their heads. And, yes, in “all” I include the felines themselves — in fact, they seem to be having even more fun than the viewers.

But one guy decided to take the whole laser-pointer thing a step further and the end result is as hilarious as he, or anyone else, might have hoped for. And the good news is that he has shared the results of his experiment with the rest of us in an awesome new video.

The video in question is titled simply Cat Trap and has been uploaded on YouTube by user Jake Z who tells us that he “found this gem on my phone, very old”.

But before we moved on to the video, I just had to share this comment:

Internet Intellectual here… I am deeply interested in the cute girl laughing in the background. Is she, by chance, in a relationship?

No comment, here is the video, enjoy!

Yes, that worked:

This Is How You Catch A Cat With A Laser Pointer. Speechless...

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