THIS Is How You Give A Cat A Foot Massage…

In an awesome new video, a lion keeper at Jugomaro Predator Park in South Africa teaches us how to give a cat a foot massage. And if a male lion enjoys it, chances are that it will work for all other cats, whatever the size.

The keeper at the Jugomaro Predator Park, near Pretoria, demonstrated just how friendly the fearsome predator can be, once you’ve put him into the right mood.

The man is seen wearing just a sleeveless shirt and shorts when he began his massage, which the huge cat was obviously enjoying, purring loudly and rolling about on the floor.

Presently, there are four lions at Jugomaro Predator Park, as well as many other big cats, including tigers. We don’t know whether massages are administered to the other cats, but if they are, we’d love to see some footage, too.

Unfortunately, the 453-hectare game reserve, which only opened in 2009, is now in danger of being shut down, due to financial difficulties.

This year, the park has only raised about $5,000 of its $800,000 goal.

1. A daring animal minder showed just how friendly these large cats can be by giving on a foot massage.

THIS Is How You Give A Cat A Foot Massage...

2. The lion seemed to be having the time of his life as he purred and rolled around on the concrete floor.

THIS Is How You Give A Cat A Foot Massage...

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