This Man Is Flying With His Eagle… Literally!

Jonathan Marshall has reared raptors all of his life, but one of his charges presented him with a challenge he’d never been faced with before.

Samson, a golden eagle he had rescued, didn’t know how to fly, so his carer had to teach him how to take to the skies. And the rescuer found no other way for achieving his goal than taking to the skies himself.

Well, Marshall’s mission has been a huge success and Samson is now flying as effortlessly as, well, a golden eagle.

1. Jonathan Marshall soars through the sky with his birds of prey by parachuting and hang gliding through the air.

This Guy Is Flying With His Eagle... Yes, Literally. You Have Never Seen Anything Like That. Wow.

Source: The Daily Mail.

Marshall kept flying himself and now he can be seen gliding across the Devon coastline near his home in the U.K. whenever the conditions are favorable.

His only complaint: his Harris Hawk and Peregrine Falcon can fly whenever they please, whatever the weather. Scroll down for an amazing video.

“We get some wonderful views of the cliffs and the countryside”, Marshall says, “but it’s even nicer and prettier when you’re up there”. It looks like it.

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