This May Well Be The World’s Most Patient Dog. Try As It Might, The Cat Cannot Get Him To Notice Her…

This must be the funniest video I’ve seen this week. And what is it about dogs and cats having fun together (or, as is the case here, having fun at each other’s expense) that we love so much?

The video was uploaded by YouTube user mihaifrancu under the title:

Cat Annoying Very Patient Dog.

Well, it is true that the dog is very patient — in fact, that is the least you can say to describe what’s going on here.

What you will see is a feline that does its utmost to provoke a reaction — any reaction — from the dog. She licks him, bites him, pulls on his ears and anything else she could get hold of, really.

You can sense how much the cat wants to be noticed, but nothing would make her canine friend notice her, nothing…

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