This Rude Note Was Left For A Driver Who Parked In A Disabled Space Without A Badge.

When one driver saw a car parked in a disabled parking spot without a permit, they took matters in their own hands and made their feelings abundantly clear.

The anonymous driver decided to write a furious note for the offending driver and leave it on the car’s windshield at a shopping center in England. It read:

Your disability must be mental. I have keyed your car. Idiot!

1. This is the angry note left by an anonymous driver on the windshield of a car, which was parked in a disabled spot without a visible permit at a shopping center in England.

This Rude Note Was Left For A Driver Who Parked In A Disabled Space Without A Badge.

The red VW Beetle didn’t have a disability badge properly displayed on its dashboard, but was parked in one of the disabled spots on Saturday afternoon.

It seems that the furious driver decided not to go through with the threat, after all, and chose to leave the car’s paintwork intact instead.

Dan Mackenzie, who saw the note, said:

They must have really annoyed someone.

I didn’t look to see if it actually had been keyed or not, there was another person looking at the note and saying they couldn’t see a scratch on the car anywhere though.

2. The driver left the note, seen by another shopper, on the red VW Beetle and threatened to key the vehicle.

This Rude Note Was Left For A Driver Who Parked In A Disabled Space Without A Badge.

The Trafford Center, where the incident took place, has evidently had to grapple with the problem of illegally parked cars for some time, because it had previously promised to ban shoppers who repeatedly break the rules for disabled parking.

A spokesman for the center said that “hundreds” of tickets have been issued this year alone, which have reduced the number of parking violations.

General manager Richard Paxton said:

Over the last six months we have ramped-up the patrols and management of our free car parks which has significantly improved parking at the center.

Unfortunately, despite these concerted efforts, a small number of people are still parking in an inappropriate manner.

These people are issued with notices asking them to refrain from parking in this way again and this has resulted in a significant reduction in offenses and repeat infractions.

3. A mother blocks the driver who takes the last parent-with-child parking space (related).

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