This Stealthy Lion Cub Is About To Give This Dog The Fright Of His Life. And Put A Huge Smile On Your Face…

This one is so funny, I’ve watched it five times already and still can’t stop laughing. Now, this lion cub is obviously having fun sneaking on other creatures and means no harm, but the thing is that the dog doesn’t know it.

So, let me reiterate, the dog was never in danger here. This is just a lion cub we are looking at — it doesn’t yet know how to kill its prey, even if that’s its intention, which is not. Not to mention that the two — the lion cub and the dog — are friends.

Actually, here is what the person who took the video — Shaun Swingler — has to say about it:

Cornellskop Animal Training Farm is a fully licensed farm which trains animals for work in films and television commercials. The farm is run by a team with more than two decades of professional animal wrangling experience. All animals on the farm are loved and cared for and completely socialised to one another and play together often — as can be seen in the clip.

In addition Cornellskop Animal Training Farm works very closely with conservation authorities as well as welfare associations to care for rescued and unwanted animals.

So, there you have it and I hope that your fears — if you had any — for the animals’ safety have been allayed. Now you can just relax and have some fun!

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