This Surreal Road Rage Episode In Russia Is Taking The Internet By Storm… For All The Wrong Reasons.

This is one of those videos that are actually very easy to describe. But I think the far more important thing here is the way people are reacting to the video — and that’s what’s a bit disturbing, I think.

So, what you will see in the video is a driver getting out of his car to have an argument with a driver of the van behind him. While the two are arguing, a bunch of people wearing Disney costumes get out from the opposite side of the van, unseen by the driver of the car.

Before you know it, the Disney characters have surrounded the car driver and are punching and kicking him. While they are beating the man up, the people who are shooting the video (it looks like they are in a car immediately behind the van) start laughing hysterically. And it seems that many others are having just as much fun. Here is a highly representative comment on Reddit:

Seriously. This had to be a hilariously s***** way for his day to end.

“Dude what happened?” “Man…Spongebob f****** kicked me in the mouth…I don’t want to talk about it..”

Well, here is the video, so you can judge for yourself.

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