This Tiny Hamster Challenges The World’s Hot Dog Eating Champion. Who Will You Bet On?

We’ve seen him eat tiny burritos and tiny birthday cakes with his hedgehog pal, but this hamster has always had greater things in mind.

In an awesome new video, we see him take on none other than Takeru Kobayashi himself — the man who has won the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest six consecutive years.

The video begins by presenting the two worthy contestants who are clearing their minds in preparation for the impending battle. Suitably tense music adds to the tense atmosphere.

On one side of the table sits Kobayashi himself, with his blue hair and formidable reputation. On the other, we see the tiny hamster challenger, seemingly impervious to the pressure building up around him.

Then the referee blows the whistle and Kobayashi starts devouring his hot dogs, taking in two at a time. On the hamster’s side, we see a helper using tweezers to place tiny hot dogs in front of the hamster, which he proceeds to devour without hesitation.

Tension builds and no one backs down. Yet, there can only be one winner…

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