This Toddler Loves To Play With Simba The Mastiff. Even If He Barely Notices Her…

This video is absolutely awesome. It shows two-year-old Weiwei playing with a huge Tibetan mastiff as if he’s a big cuddly toy and despite his fearsome appearance, he’s happy to oblige, even if he seems to barely notice the child.

The mastiff’s name is Simba, after the star of the Lion King. He’s blissfully lying on the floor while the little girl crawls around and over him, playing with his fur and cooing cheerfully as she goes.

Tibetan mastiffs were initially bred as guard dogs by nomads in Central Asia who used them to protect their camps, but now they’ve turned into a status symbol in China.

In fact, we know of a man who recently paid about $2 million for a Tibetan mastiff puppy — I have no idea what that dog has had to offer to warrant such a sum, but there you have it.

The puppy was auctioned at a luxury pet fair in Hangzhou, in the eastern province of Zhejiang, earlier this year and is thought to be the most expensive dog in history.

I doubt that this little girl either knows or cares about that, though — she just loves her dog.

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