This Woman Is Being Tormented By A Huge WOLF SPIDER Living Under Her Shower.

A 21-year-old woman is being terrorized by a huge wolf spider which has been living under her shower for at least the past three months.

Childcare worker Natalie Woods first saw the arachnid after it scurried across the bathroom floor of her home in May.

To make matters worse, since that first meeting, Woods has nervously watched as the wolf spider kept growing ever larger and is now measuring an inch in length and its leg span is 1.5 inches.

1. Natalie Woods, 21, (left) first noticed the spider after it ran across the bathroom at her home in May, but says it has been “growing and growing” in size ever since and now lives under her shower.

This Woman Is Being Tormented By A Huge WOLF SPIDER Living Under Her Shower.

Wolf spiders are venomous and are known to bite when provoked. Their bites can cause swelling, itching and pain to humans.

The arachnids have “huge eyes” — two really big ones and six smaller ones — and catch prey by chasing it, like wolves, rather than spinning webs.

Solitary spiders, they can run at 2 feet per second, which is lightning fast for a spider, and boast the third-best eyesight of all known spider species, behind the jumping spiders and huntsman spiders.

Woods admits that she is “terrified” by the arachnid, which she believes is “growing and growing”, and adds that it keeps dashing in and out from underneath the shower.

2. Woods, a childcare worker, said she is “terrified” by the spider, which she believes keeps “growing and growing”, and now lives under her shower. She has been asking people on social media for tips to get rid of it.

This Woman Is Being Tormented By A Huge WOLF SPIDER Living Under Her Shower.

Earlier this week, Woods told her social media followers of the spider, showing a picture of it along the caption “Omgggg!!!”. She asked:

Anybody who knows about spiders tell me if this is dangerous or not’ before asking for someone to go and “get rid of it” for her.

Viewers quickly informed her that it was a wolf spider which, though large and venomous, was unlikely to attack her.

Woods then joked about borrowing a hoover to get rid of the arachnid and tweeted:

Need a hoover to suck up spider in my flat.

3. Wolf spiders (like the one Woods has discovered) have “huge eyes” and can bite defensively. They will inject venom if provoked, with symptoms of their bite including swelling, mild pain and itching.

This Woman Is Being Tormented By A Huge WOLF SPIDER Living Under Her Shower.

Woods has now revealed how her spider is “frightening the life out of her”. She said:

Even getting up for the toilet in the night I’m creeping downstairs in case I accidentally stir it or step on it.

I noticed it ages ago but now it has grown into a whopper.

Experts, however, claim that wolf spiders are “not something to be feared”. Ecology specialist Jack Fenwick said:

They are not deadly. It is not really going to harm anyone. Its bite is the same as a bee sting, if you provoke it, it could bite you.

If someone is allergic to its bite, it could cause irritation but its poison isn’t deadly.

He added that “generally they are quite hard to get rid of”, which is news Woods is unlikely to be comforted by.

4. A man smacks a huge wolf spider with a broom… Only for HUNDREDS of babies to come scurrying out (related; story here).

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