This Woman Refuses To Feed Her Baby Because Her Husband Would Not Give Her Any Money.

A mother has been arrested for refusing to feed her 3-year-old daughter because her husband did not give her any money.

The incident occurred in the city of Tijuana, in the northwestern Mexican state of Baja.

Social workers found Guinerve Valentin’s daughter undernourished and with bruises on her body. They took the toddler and two other children, aged four and five, into care.

1. Guinerve Valentin (left), 26, was arrested in the Mexican city of Tijuana after authorities discovered that she had stopped feeding her 3-year-old daughter (right).

This Woman Refuses To Feed Her Baby Because Her Husband Did Not Give Her Any Money.

Valentin, 26, told police:

I don’t care, I know she is dying.

The local center for protection of children and family already had the family on their at-risk register.

Valentin’s two older children, both boys, were found to be in a good condition.

Social workers notified the authorities and officers from the Police Unit Against Domestic Violence made the arrest.

Valentin told the officers that the main reason she did not take care of her daughter was that she wanted a divorce and her husband would not give her any money.

She is expected to be charged with neglect. A spokesman for the police said:

The mother has been arrested. All three children have been taken into care. The baby girl was not in good health but she is now being looked after by social workers.

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