This Woman Wires $1.4 MILLION To An Online ‘Lover’ In Africa She’s Never Met. She Is ’95 Percent Certain’ He Loves Her.

A woman who sent $1.4 million to an online “lover” in Africa she has never met has defended her decision, claiming she is 95 percent certain that he loves her.

Sarah, 46, who is twice-divorced, met Chris Olsen online a year and a half ago. Over time, the man’s accent changed from Italian to African, and he kept asking for money to be wired to various locations, but Sarah insists that he is telling her the truth.

Chris has made numerous attempts to come home to the U.S., so he and Sarah can be together, she explains, but unfortunately he keeps getting arrested on false charges. (Scroll down for the video.)

1. Sarah told Dr. Phil she still believes in love and is certain her online lover is telling the truth.

This Woman Wires $1.4 MILLION To An Online 'Lover' In Africa She's Never Met. She Is '95 Percent Certain' He Loves Her.

In an interview with Dr. Phil, Sarah revealed that she speaks with Chris for hours on the phone each day. Describing the moment they met online, she said:

An attractive person came on there and said “wow you look like you wouldn’t hurt a fly”. I said “wow this guy’s really handsome, I can’t believe he’s talking to me!”

The man told her that his name was Chris Olsen, and was originally from Milan but moved to the U.S. 18 years ago.

Currently, Chris told her, he is in Africa on business and has been living there for more than a year and a half.

2. Sarah has sent a total of $1.4 MILLION to a man she’s never met.

When the two met, Chris said he was in South Africa. Following a short stint in Nigeria, he moved to Benin, Sarah told Dr. Phil.

Within seven weeks of meeting her, he told Sarah he loved her in an emotional email in which he referred to her as “Mrs. Olsen”.

Just days later, Chris sent his first request for money. Many would follow.

To date, Sarah has sent him a total of $1.4 million for expenses ranging from hotel bills, an expired visa, lawyers, calling cards, stolen credit cards and a bail.

In June of last year, Sarah went as far as selling her apartment to wire $550,000 to cover her lover’s bail amount.

3. She claims they speak for hours on the phone and though his accent has changed from Italian to African she has not wavered in her belief that he loves her.

This Woman Wires $1.4 MILLION To An Online 'Lover' In Africa She's Never Met. She Is '95 Percent Certain' He Loves Her.

Yet, she firmly believes that Chris is trying his best to make it home.

Sarah admits that there are suspicious components of her lover’s story. She told Dr Phil:

When I first started talking to him. He sounded Italian now his accent’s kind of changed I don’t know if he’s adapted to where he’s at… in Benin.

Undaunted, she concludes:

I still believe in love.

4. “I believe my cousin is squandering her inheritance on a love scam” — Sarah’s cousin, Crystal, believes Sarah is being conned.

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