This Woman’s Dilemma Really Puts Things In Perspective. It Touched Me Deeply…

This video has been up for about five years and yet it’s enjoying some kind of a revival. Not that it wasn’t appreciated at the time it was originally released — on the contrary, it won a whole bunch of awards.

Still, the video has now become a bigger internet hit than ever before.

Describing what’s it about is a bit tricky, so I’ll just leave it to the creators:

This film was based on a true story (written by Bob Perks) and the premise of it is very simple. We are reminded of the need to avoid becoming weighed down by the trivial hindrances that soak our paths on a daily basis.

There are always people in worse situations with real troubles and that should put our small daily problems in to perspective. Perhaps things arent as bad as they first seem.

It is so simple, yet so powerful…

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