Today’s Cutest: Meet BuBu, The Adorable Chinchilla Who Is A Social Media Star!

OK, I admit it — I was immediately won over by this adorable rodent. Everything she does is so natural to her, whether it’s sipping tea or enjoying a cocktail.

Small wonder that she now has more than 169,000 followers on Instagram. BuBu, as the impossibly cute chinchilla is named, is a seven-year-old from Singapore taking social media by storm.

As you will see in the images below, she loves loves doing everything human socialites do. Fortunately for BuBu, she also has a devoted photographer — known as Angel F — to capture her every move.

1. BuBu is clearly a fan of sipping cocktails.

Meet BuBu, The Coctail-Sipping, Party-Hosting Chinchilla With A Huge Instagram Following.

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