Today’s Most Viral: Brutus The 19Ft Crocodile Snacks On Sharks And Entertains Tourists!

Brutus is a giant 19-foot giant Australian crocodile who became an internet sensation after he killed and devoured a bull shark a couple of years ago.

But this is not the first time in his long and eventful life that Brutus has found himself in the spotlight of media attention.

The two-ton beast, who is believed to be about 80 years old, first made headlines during the “jumping crocodile” tour in 2011, during which he would jump out of the water to feast on some kangaroo meat.

11. And here is another video of Brutus.

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Brutus is also known for missing his front right leg, which is believed to have been bitten off by a shark, presumably at a time when the huge reptile wasn’t quite big enough to eat his predatory challengers. Harry Bowman from Adelaide River Cruises says:

We get a lot of requests about Brutus. We get many phone calls, are you the one who has Brutus? Have we got the right tour to see Brutus? You could say he’s a local celebrity.

He’s been with us for quite a few years, we can’t guarantee that he’ll come out at every cruise, but he makes appearances pretty regularly.

As you might suspect, what makes Brutus so attractive are his “sheer size and the fact he’s missing a leg”. And he never disappoints. Mr. Bowman explains:

It’s pretty gobsmacking for them [the tourists]. A lot of people who come on these cruises haven’t seen a crocodile before. To see them in the wild up so close, I think they’re awed. It’s like seeing a dinosaur really, that’s what a lot of them say.

Well, I am hugely impressed, too!

Share these awesome images of Brutus the shark-eating crocodile with your friends below — they will want to see them.