Today’s Most Viral: In Case You Were Wondering How Giraffes Drink Water…

Here is something that fully qualifies for the proverbial piece of knowledge you never knew you needed. And I admit that I never gave a thought to the way giraffes drink water, as I’m sure is the case for just about everyone.

But once I had seen this incredible picture of a pair of giraffes having assumed an impossible to imagine posture on the banks of a river or a lake so that they can get some water, I couldn’t believe I’d never asked myself how they do it.

And going through the comments, I see that I am far from alone — people are fascinated with what they see, which tells me that it is news for them, too. Oh, in just a day after being uploaded, the image has been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

1. Giraffes drinking water.

In Case You Were Wondering How Giraffes Drink Water...

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