Tuesday’s Aww: ‘At The Age Of 28, I Decided That If I Want A Puppy, I’ll Get A Puppy. Meet Joey!’

Viral Spell’s Tuesday’s Aww presents Joey — the puppy one very lucky man has just adopted, because he decided that at the age of 28 he could get a puppy if he wanted to!

Then you will meet a cute little puppy asking for help…

And before long you will be having fun with the baby lion pride…

1. “At the age of 28, I decided that if I want a puppy, I’ll get a puppy. Meet Joey!”

Tuesday's Aww: 'At The Age Of 28, I Decided That If I Want A Puppy, I'll Get A Puppy. Meet Joey!'

And this is Murdock, the Dachshund / Chihuahua mix another lucky person adopted just yesterday:

Monday's Aww: 'My Friend Just Got A New Puppy, Meet Murdock!'

And this is Maya — the puppy another fortunate person adopted last week:

Sunday's Cuteness: 'My Uncle Got A New Puppy - Meet Maya!'

And here is yet another one from several weeks back:

Puppy Of The Day: 'My Friend's New Puppy Belongs Here!'

And this is Kuma, who was adopted in mid-February:

Saturday's Cutest: 'Meet My New Puppy, Kuma!'

And here is an adult dog’s reaction to a new puppy:

Wednesday's Fun: Reaction To The New Puppy...

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