Unable To See Because Of Overgrown Fur This Dog Was Rescued Wandering Near The Railroad Tracks…

When the rescuers from Hope For Paws responded to a call about a dog wandering near the railroad tracks, they arrived to find a scared homeless canine who was no longer able to see because the fur around her face had overgrown.

They had been warned that the dog would run away when anyone tried to approach her, but the rescuers managed to distract the canine with food and were able to capture her.

The rescuers couldn’t find a tag or a microchip and searched for the canine’s owners for two days until they finally found them. However, the owners told Hope For Paws that they were no longer able to care for Shayna, as the dog’s name turned out to be, and asked them to find a new home for her.

1. Rescuing an old English Sheepdog near the railroad tracks.

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