Vigilantes Rip The Confederate Flag From Homes And Cars In A New Social Media Craze.

A new social media craze is sweeping the country, in which vigilantes film themselves and others taking down Confederate flags from the properties and vehicles of other people.

The new trend, which goes by the #NoFlagginChallenge or #DestroyConfederateFlag, shows vigilantes running up to cars and homes, ripping down flags and running away.

In what seems to be the video that started the trend, a man identified on social media as Jamari Williams uploaded a video on Facebook on July 11, in which a man runs to a house and takes a Confederate flag from a flagpole.

1. A new social media challenge encourages people to be filmed ripping down Confederate flags from other people’s properties and vehicles.

Another video shows a second flag-tearing incident, in which the man filming it is heard laughing and saying “no flagging”.

The video is shared under the caption “#noFlagginchallenge snatch & run LMAO f*** the flag”, The Blaze reports.

Jamari Williams says on Facebook that he lives in Sarasota, Florida, and is the CEO of the record label Blowin BANDZ ENT.

After Sarasota Police learned of the video, their Facebook page asked people with information about the incident to come forward. The statement read:

The Sarasota Police Department is aware of this video and we are looking into this incident but we have not received any reports of a theft of a flag from a residence. Also, we do not know exactly where this video occurred & whether it was in our jurisdiction.

2. One man performed the challenge during slow-moving traffic by running up behind a semi-truck and ripping a confederate flag of the back.

3. Another shirtless man disrupted moving traffic when he walked up to a pickup truck that was brandishing three large flags on the back. He takes a moment to rip the two Confederate flags off their poles.

Similar videos have been popping up all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine, as part of the new craze.

One of them captures a man pulling two flags down from the back of a pickup truck and throwing them on to the pavement. Another video shows a man getting out of his car in slow-moving traffic to take down a Confederate flag from a semi-truck.

An Instagram account specially set up to cover the challenge shows several such videos, including some which turn violent.

In one of them, two black men approach a white man waving a Confederate flag in a crowd of people and a fight promptly follows. The video concludes with the man who was approached still waving his flag while lying on the ground.

4. Some of the videos turn violent, like this one where two black men approached a white man waving a Confederate flag in what appears to be a crowd of people.

Vigilantes Rip The Confederate Flag From Homes And Cars In A New Social Media Craze.

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