Want To Train Like A SEAL? Here Is What U.S. Navy SEALs’ Physical Screening Tests Look Like.

Navy SEAL Instructors take you behind the scenes for a rare look into the Physical Screening Test (PST for short). Here is what the official Navy SEAL website tells us about it:

Physically prepare to the best of your ability in advance of BUD/S. If you arrive already making Competitive Scores versus Minimum Standards, you’ll be in a much better position to successfully complete training and become a Navy SEAL.

The Physical Screening Test, or PST, is designed to test your overall physical readiness to participate in the rigorous Naval Special Warfare or Special Operations training pipelines.

The Navy SEAL website had more to say on the subject:

Remember, everyone that has entered BUD/S passed the PST to get there, and that more than half of them
didn’t finish…



The following are the points of performance for each exercise as well as the minimum scores for SEAL, SWCC, EOD, and Fleet Diver.

Points of Performance


You must perform the test using either a Side Stroke or a Breast Stroke.


Must be performed with a straight back and feet and hands in contact with the deck at all times. No slouching allowed; proper form must be strictly maintained.


Sit on the floor with your knees bent approximately 90 degrees. Cross your arms in front of you with fingertips touching your shoulders. Exercise through the full range of motion. Again, proper form must be strictly maintained.


Grip pull-up bar with PALMS FACING AWAY FROM YOU. Hands are to be shoulder width apart. Do not swing, kick, or bicycle to assist. Make sure you go all the way up (chin above bar) then ALL THE WAY DOWN.

For more: https://navyseals.com/nsw/physical-screening-tests/.