Watch: A Baby Elephant Hilariously Charges A Tourists’ Safari Truck… Before Beating A Hasty Retreat.

The hilariously adorable moment a baby elephant charged a bus-load of tourists, displaying its most terrifying moves as it went, was caught on camera and it is a must-see.

The 12-month-old toddler was captured on camera making a full-on charge at the holidaymakers, who were touring the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. And the highlight came when the youngster attempted jumping up on its back legs, no doubt for added terror.

But the rest of the baby’s herd just carried on grazing, completely oblivious to its efforts. Having noticed the lack of support, or more likely the lack of audience, the calf decided that terrorizing a bunch of humans wasn’t worth it after all, so it turned around and ran back to its mom just as fast as it could.

1. A baby elephant makes a hilarious charge at a tourists’ safari truck.

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