Watch: A Dog Is Rescued From A Well.

This is probably the most improbable rescue I’ve seen and I still marvel at the dog’s intelligence and perseverance. And it is inspiring!

So, the dog managed to plunge down into a deep well. When people found him, they threw a rope down in what seemed to be a hopeless rescue effort. I mean, what is a dog supposed to do with a rope — grab it with his paws?!

Yet, it quickly turned out that the rescuers knew what they were doing, although it is equally possible that they were simply dealing with a very smart canine.

1. A dog is rescued from a well.

In any event, the dog immediately grabbed hold of the rope with his teeth and scrambled up the well’s brickwork, but only to slip and fall again and again, as it neared the top.

But the greatest thing is that the dog never gave up — each time he fell down, he just grabbed the rope and started climbing up once again. And the collective human and canine efforts eventually paid off.

In all, the first nine attempts to get the dog out of the well failed, but the tenth succeeded and a rescuer finally managed to grab hold of the dog’s collar and drag him out to safety.

The entire rescue operation lasted about three minutes and the dog seemed to be uninjured and was seen happily wagging his tail back on dry land. Wow!