Watch: A Father Films His 14-Month-Old Daughter ‘Playing’ With A 13-Foot Python To Show The Snake Is Not Dangerous.

An incredible video has captured the bizarre attempt of one father to educate people that snakes are not dangerous. He has filmed his baby daughter “playing” with a huge python.

The video shows 14-month-old Alyssa Guarino, who is now three, plays with a 13-foot Burmese python in her family’s home in Warren, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Alyssa’s father, Jamie Guarino, who is a professional snake handler, says the giant reptile posed no danger to his baby and that pythons simply suffer from a bad reputation.

Mr. Guarino has made educating people about snakes his mission, arguing that the reptiles can be loving pets. As part of his campaign, he has published the video of Alyssa, filmed about two years ago, in which she lies on the floor playing with ten-year-old Burmese python Nay-Nay.

1. A baby plays with a python.

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