Watch: A Horse Strolled Into A Police Station, Takes A Look Around And Walks Out…

This is as bizarre as it gets. A security camera captured the moment a horse trotted through the automatic doors at Cheshire Police Headquarters in Winsford, England, early in the morning, ignored a plain-cloth policeman who tried to shoo him out, and took a stroll inside. A police spokesperson explained:

The constabulary encourages contact from a wide variety of different communities and an interesting visitor recently stepped through the doors of its HQ from a very rural community. Security staff at HQ were quick off the mark to greet a horse that had decided to investigate the HQ.

The horse was monitored entering the grounds and was safety escorted off the premises returning it to official residence. We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ and at ‘neigh’ point did the horse pose a risk to security.

1. A horse walks into a police station.

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