Watch: A Man Pets A Great White Shark On The Head… And Lives To Tell The Story!

I don’t think I would have believed this if I hadn’t seen the video. I mean, great white sharks may or may not always view humans as prey, but petting one on the head, right above its fearsome maw is asking for trouble anyway you look at it.

Yet, that is exactly what one man did. Incredibly, he also lived to tell his story and share his video for the rest of us to witness something few would dare do.

You know, somehow I feel that if this guy keeps doing that, one day he’ll end up having his hand chopped off, or worse.

1. A man pets a great white shark from the side of a boat.

And here is the real highlight:

This Man Leaned From The Side Of His Boat To PET A Great White Shark On The Head. Incredibly, He Lived To Tell The Story...

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