Watch: A Monkey Resuscitates His Electrocuted Friend.

A monkey became a full-fledged life-saving hero, after he spent 20 minutes resuscitating a fellow monkey who had been knocked out by an electric shock at an Indian railway station and, if left where it was, it would be run over by a train.

The victim had been climbing on high tension overhead cables when he suffered an electric shock and fell unconscious in a heap on the tracks. Incredibly, another monkey then rushed to his help, hauled his friend up, shook him and even bit him on the head — doing absolutely anything to bring him back to life.

Yet, despite all his friend’s efforts, the electrocuted monkey would not wake up, which forced his friend to take the drastic action of dunking the victim in a pool of water next to the tracks. Fortunately, that last treatment seemed to work and after some 20 minutes out, the electrocuted primate finally opened its eyes while his pal hauled him off the tracks and to a safe spot moments just before a train pulled in.

1. A monkey resuscitates his electrocuted friend.

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