Watch: A Penguin Strolls In A Hotel, Charms Everyone, But Is Unimpressed And Leaves.

This one is as hilarious as it is one of a kind. I mean, when was the last time you heard about a penguin paying a visit to a hotel? It is unclear what this cute little penguin’s goal was, but he did inspect the premises, much to everyone’s delight, before leaving unimpressed.

The unique incident took place at Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant near Capetown, South Africa. The inquisitive bird was captured on camera waddling around the guesthouse before finally being convinced that the outdoors is a more appropriate place for it.

This penguin species is known as a Jackass penguin because of its donkey-like call they live at the Boulders Beach African Penguin Colony, which is one of many groups that inhabit the country’s southern coasts.

1. A penguin walks into a hotel, fascinates everyone, but isn’t impressed at all.

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