Watch: A Rescuer Administers CPR To Bring A Koala Back To Life After The Animal Is Hit By A Car!

Hit by a a car, a koala quickly climbed up a tree, only to fall unconscious from it moments later. Fortunately for the koala, a team of firefighters were waiting to catch his fall and one of them performed mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate him.

The koala, named Sean, was caught in a blanket by the firefighters who had positioned themselves underneath the tree in the event Sean fell. They were called on the scene by residents who had witnessed the accident and had spotted the animal up the tree.

Langwarrin Country Fire Authority (CFA) Captain Sean Curtin said they initially thought the koala was dead in the tree and added that they’ve had a strong connection with koalas ever since the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires had destroyed the animals’ Victorian habitats.

1. Sean the koala is revived through CPR after being hit by car.

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