Watch: A Three-Month-Old Fennec Fox Pup Keeps His Keepers Entertained…

He may be nocturnal and take lengthy daytime naps, but this playful fennec fox’s unexpected bouts of energy keep San Diego Zoo workers on their toes at all times.

This three-month-old fennec fox pup is full of energy and always ready to play in the Children’s Zoo Nursery at the San Diego Zoo. The young male weighs just 1.5 pounds and is in quarantine before being trained to serve as an animal ambassador for his species.

The nocturnal fox has spurts of energy, so animal care staff are giving him lots of toys and food puzzles to help keep him busy. For instance, meal worms are hidden in cardboard boxes or in the pup’s sand mound, which encourages the fennec fox to use his natural searching and digging behaviors. His favorite toys to play with are small, plush toy mice.

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