Watch: A Tiny Chihuahua Finds The Perfect Bed On Top Of A Giant Great Dane.

A tiny Chihuahua has come up with rather unusual sleeping arrangement, after picking a very patient Great Dane to be his bed. Of course, it is not at all clear whether the Dane actually feels the mini-dog perched on her belly.

Clearly finding the amount of available space on the doggy bed insufficient, the Chihuahua is filmed climbing atop the much larger dog who was positioned herself in the best spot in the house — right beside the heater.

At first, the Dane doesn’t even notice the Chihuahua, even as he crawls right up to her shoulder. Then, disturbed from her slumber, the Dane appears completely indifferent after briefly checking on what the Chihuahua is up to.

1. A Chihuahua sleeps on top of a Great Dane.

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