Watch: A Very Clumsy Baby Elephant Enjoys A Bath.

One baby elephant in Thailand proves that bathing an animal is not always as hard as you might think. In fact, it can actually be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Captured on video by a visiting tourist who called the experience “Double Trouble”, the exited pachyderm is filmed trying to dive straight into the bath, but snagging his leg on the side of it, tripping over and falling awkwardly into the water.

Then, after balancing on his head for a bit, the youngster manages to turn himself back onto his side and starts splashing about — thoroughly unaffected by its less-than-graceful entry into the bathtub.

1. A baby elephant’s bathing “double trouble”.

Getting back on his feet, the elephant then heads towards the man who holds a hose next to the tub, helping to bathe the animal.

The man is believed to be Claus Jorgensen, the Danish tourist who then uploaded the clip from the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village, in Thailand to YouTube.

But the excitement is far from over for the young elephant who proceeds to jump back out of the bath and tries to steal the hose, causing the surrounding tourists to laugh hysterically.

The video concludes with the baby jumping back into the bathtub even more enthusiastically than before, as a woman and little girl spray him with a hose.

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