Watch A Very Patient Firefighter Get This Dog Down From The Roof. But How Did He Ever Get Up There?!

A California woman was stunned to discover a little dog stranded on the roof of her home when she got back from work.

The tiny canine was trapped on the roof of Felicia Bridges’ home on Larch Way, in Antioch, California, ABC 7 reports. The homeowner called 911 and a very patient fireman with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District managed to put a leash around the dog and get him down.

Meanwhile, the homeowner says that she has no clue where the mysterious canine came from, how he got up onto her roof or who the dog’s owner is.

Ms. Bridges told the channel that she was glad the firefighters were able to get the canine down from her roof before he got hurt.

1. A little dog was rescued from the roof of an Antioch, California, home.

Fortunately This Dog Was Rescued But How Did He Ever Get Up There?!

Source: ABC 7.

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