Watch: An Elephant Is Caught On Camera Cleaning Up The Trash…

A video has captured the incredible moment an elephant is picking up trash from the ground and throwing it into the nearby trash can. The footage was captured by a CCTV camera at an undisclosed location.

The footage shows the elephant using her foot and trunk to repeatedly pick up a piece of rubbish from the ground and then deposit it into the trash bin. As you might expect, viewers have been hugely impressed with the pachyderm’s actions, with many trying to figure out what has prompted the animal’s to do it. YouTube user Andrew Pam writes:

I believe it is also plausible that the elephant has seen people put things in the bin and decided that’s where they belong, though. So at this point absent further information I see no reason to presume that it’s either staged or not staged.

1. The incredible moment an elephant is caught cleaning up the trash.

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