Watch: As This Man Challenges A Charging Elephant And Stops Her In Her Tracks, I Wonder If He Got Extremely Lucky.

I have seen this done before but still can’t make up my mind about whether the credit belongs to the human or to pure luck. And I see other people wondering about exactly the same thing. How do you settle the issue?

So, when you look at the video, it all seems pretty simple. A man walks up to an elephant until he draws his attention. Elephants not being animals who appreciate others encroaching on their privacy, this one turns around and faces the human. And this is when the fun begins.

The elephant starts trotting menacingly in the human’s direction, while the latter raises his hand against him, in an apparent attempt to make the pachyderm stop. Well, that doesn’t work right away, forcing the human to backpedal a bit. Eventually, however, as the elephant gets to a few feet from the human, it stops and backs away.

1. A man stops a charging elephant.

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