Watch: Bella Boo The Cocker Spaniel Knows 250 Tricks And Can Balance A Huge Stack Of Treats On Her Head.

Bella Boo is as talented a dog as you have see. She pulls some astonishing feats of balancing act and displays incredible self-control on camera with zen-like focus.

Having trained her from a young pup, owner Victoria Lyons, claims the now-two-year-old Bella is capable of more than 250 different tricks. Victoria, who is still in school, wants to become a dog trainer when she’s older, so she spends several hours a day training Bella Boo at her home.

From skateboarding through the streets of her hometown of La Salle, Illinois, to showing off her painting skills, Victoria has been filming Bella’s bag of tricks and uploading them to YouTube.

1. Amazing Bella Boo the balancing dog.

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