Watch: Dally The Jack Russell Riding Spanky The Mini Horse.

A six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Dally and her pal Spanky, a seven-year-old miniature horse were both rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson, from Washington State, and she taught them how to put on amazing shows to raging fans. And they have been happy to oblige.

Incredible footage shows the dog confidently riding on Spanky’s back, without the help of a saddle, guiding him over hurdles and performing other tricks with him, as well as snuggling up to his big belly for a nap.

Francesca, whose a ranch is located near Spokane in Washington, rescued Spanky the horse when he was just two years old. She now has ten other horses on her ranch, where she runs horsemanship and rider development programs.

1. Here is an awesome video of Dally the Jack Russell riding Spanky the mini horse.

And here is Barcroft TV’s presentation.

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