Watch: Egon The Cat Takes An Uncompromising Stance Against His Leash And Refuses To Move!

Egon the cat was put on a leash after his owner — Ryan Thomas from Nashville, Tennessee — decided to take him on a walk. Well, Egon did not like the idea — and that is putting it quite mildly.

In fact, as you will see, Egon took an uncompromising stance against the undignified exercise to which Mr. Thomas wanted to subject him. He lay down on the floor and refused to move an inch.

No amount of persuasion would convince Egon to stand up on his four paws and walk out. He was dragged around for a while, which made precisely no difference. Then Mr. Thomas decided to pick Egon up and place him on his paws. Well, that didn’t work quite as planned, either, as Egon, once left to himself, promptly assumed his resting position.

1. This cat took a stand against his leash and refused to walk!

The concept of being taken for a walk is clearly something this cat is yet to master.

This Cat Took A Stand Against His Leash And REFUSED To Walk. No Amount Of Persuasion Would Change His Mind...

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