Watch: I Don’t Know If This Panda Is Tumbling Down The Slope For Its Own Amusement Or Ours…

Pandas are well conditioned to snow in their native environment — we know that. But this one simply loves it. In fact, he seems to have discovered a new winter sport which I’m pretty sure will have plenty of human fans.

It is so funny to see just how awkward this panda looks as it tumbles down his hill over and over again. And then, after skidding all the way down, he walked up the hill and tumbles down again.

The 6-year-old star of the video is on loan to Toronto Zoo from China and is expected to stay at the zoo until 2018.

1. A giant panda tumbles in the snow.

This is not the first time Da Mao’s snow antics have drawn attention. He was also seen practicing his trademark tumble downhill in another clip released by the zoo.

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