Watch: Left For Dead, A ‘Lifeless’ Dog Makes A Miraculous Recovery.

This is the story of a dog’s miraculous recovery, after the canine was dumped in a trash bin in New York and left for dead.

The tiny grey puppy, now named Phoenix, was in such a bad state when she was rescued by police officers that the New York Animal Control couldn’t provide care for her.

Phoenix was in need of more advanced care, so she had to be transferred to another animal rescue center in Brooklyn, which had the tools and expertise to handle extreme cases like hers.

1. Phoenix the puppy survived against all odds…

Left for dead, a “lifeless” dog makes a miraculous recovery.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR) shared Phoenix’s story online, describing the little canine as “lifeless, with no strength to move” when she arrived. The animal shelter’s spokesperson wrote:

Her breathing was shallow, her eyes were rolled back into her head, her temperature was low, and she had an infected laceration on her front leg. The doctors felt her odds of survival were slim but we felt we had to try.

Phoenix also had a low temperature and a cut on one of her her front legs which had become infected.

The canine was hooked up to IV fluids and placed on a heat pad to keep her warm.

Incredibly, and against all odds, following extensive treatment from her carers Phoenix slowly started to show signs of recovery.

Once her injured leg had healed, the dog learned to stand and walk once again, much to the delight of thousands of supporters who cheered her recovery on social media.

When her recovery finally complete, Phoenix went home with a new family, to make the rescue center’s success complete.

The shelter posted a photo of Phoenix, looking like a completely different dog compared to the one who arrived at the shelter, along with her new owner.

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