Watch: Meet Shammy The Dwarf Horse!

A miniature horse who suffers from dwarfism has become an internet sensation after his owner posted a video of him on his very own Facebook page.

Shammy is just over 20 inches tall — a third of the size of an average horse — but his lively personality more than makes up for what he lacks in stature. In fact, the five-month-old tiny horse has a 5,000-strong Facebook following and his owner, Michele Puryear, has already written a book about him.

Unfortunately Shammy’s dwarfism will unavoidably cause problems later on in life, such as arthritis and heart issues.

1. Tiny horse: A cute steed suffers from dwarfism.

Shammy, who suffers from a rare form of dwarfish, has become and internet stardom after his owner set him up a Facebook page and posted a video of him.

Say Hi To Shammy The Dwarf Horse. What He Lacks In Size He Makes Up For In Personality...

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